Brand-new, beautiful!

To celebrate lifting lockdown, cKibob.fr is getting a makeover.

On menu: more practical navigation, clearer information, new features and, icing on the cake, a surprise in the coming days...

We have redesigned the navigation of cKiBob.fr to make it even easier for you to find what you need to spend a good time at home with your friends, whatever the day or time. Whether it's holiday, Sunday, noon or midnight, Bob will be able to point you to an open store near you(1).

Thanks in particular to the implementation of a « responsive design », we have improved the fluidity and reactivativity of cKibob.fr for most browsers (desktop and mobile).

We have also reviewed the schedules display. At a glance, you will know at what time a store will close and when it will reopen. And if you want to know more, you can now see all the schedules for the next 7 days(2). To make finding a shop even easier, maps, routes and overviews have a native full-screen mode now.

« my account » section has been completely redesigned. You can now see all the forms and comments you have submitted. And, in accordance with regulations, you can request to download all the data we have collected about you at any time

We do hope you enjoy all these new features and we do hope that Bob will be able to help you as often as you need.

What about the icing on the cake?... You'll have to wait a few more days to find out what this is all about. All we can tell you is that will be something fruity... ?

The cKiBob.fr team

(1) provided that you are in an area covered by cKiBob.fr. List of fully or partially covered cities available at https://ckibob.fr/en/cities-list
(2) you must have an account on cKiBob.fr to access this information

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