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cKibob app is available on the App Store

A few days ago we were telling you about a ice. But we should have talked about an apple instead... 😁

If you appreciate Bob's services, you'll be able to have them always at hand from now on!

cKibob app in now available ! You can download it by searching for it on the App store or, more simply, by clicking on the button below:

Your opinion matter. Don't hesitate to give us your feedback! This way, we'll make the app fit your needs as closely as possible.

Brand-new, beautiful!

To celebrate lifting lockdown, cKibob.fr is getting a makeover.

On menu: more practical navigation, clearer information, new features and, icing on the cake, a surprise in the coming days...

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Be involved in community!

You know good hot spots open on Sunday, in the evening after 9.00 p.m., at night, or on public holidays?
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cKibob.fr is expanding day by day!

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Your bakery, tobacco shop, grocery, kebab shop or gas station is not registered on ckibob.fr yet?
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